At this point the rules of the dealer come into play, that is all those rules of the regulation that the dealer must follow in order to proceed during the game. Let’s see in detail now what are the main two:

Blackjack Rules: Minimum Dealer Score

Among the basic rules of the dealer in blackjack, we certainly find that of the minimum score that the dealer must reach before he can stop.

According to this rule, in fact, the dealer must reach a score of at least 17 (or more) before being able to stop.

Consequently, in the event of a score of less than 17 after the first cards turned, the dealer must, as a rule, continue to deal.

Blackjack rules: when the dealer must “stand”

As already mentioned, the term “staying” in the traditional jargon of card games indicates having to stop, therefore without proceeding with any other game operation.

The concept of “standing” defines the second of the dealer’s rules and goes against the first: if the dealer’s score is equal to or greater than 17 after the first card turned, it must necessarily stop .

Blackjack rules: when the dealer loses and when the dealer wins

At this point, once you have respected the rules of the dealer, you have to understand when you win and when you lose in blackjack.

The rule is that after the different phases of the game, so when all the players have set their scores, the dealer will compare his own with that of the others:

    • those who have combinations above the dealer will win the bet
    • those who have a lower score than the dealer will pay the bet to the latter
  • in case of a tie, the dealer will leave the bets on the game table

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